installation instructions:

This software is suitable for the platform of win7 and above of windows,and Debian series of Linux systems(Mint、Debian、Ubuntu、nfs OS and so on),RedHat series of operating systems are not currently supported.

installation procedure :

  1. Download the installation package for the corresponding platform to the local directory. The corresponding Windows platform is nfs-browser_x.x.x.x.exe, The 32-bit platform for Linux is nfs-browser_x.x.x.x_i386.deb, The corresponding Linux64 bit platform is nfs-browser_x.x.x.x_amd64.deb. Where X.X.X.X is the product version number.
  2. Go to the installation directory on the platform of windows, Double-click the installation package, and follow the installation instructions to install successfully. Double-click the installation package on the platform of Linux,or enter sudo dpkg -i nfs-browser_x.x.x.x_x.deb in the terminal,and enter the password to continue to install successfully.
  3. If a prompt of dependency not being installed is on the platform of Linux ,enter sudo apt-get –f install in the terminal follow the prompts.
  4. When the installation is complete, double-click the desktop browser icon to launch the browser.

Compatibility environment construction of linux platform:

On the linux platform,it is recommended to install the wine environment for a better browser compatibility experience. wine environment can be installed in accordance with guide installation package for the platform.

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