install nfs browser install nfs browser install nfs browser

Plug Compatible

The browser perfectly supports PPAPI and NPAPI type plug-ins.

compatibility of E-Bank

The browser supports the display of domestic online banking interface.

DOM/CSS compatibility

Browser compatibility support for older Web standards (DOM/CSS) from the Web kernel level, and more than 30 types of standards have been completed.

Extensions Compatible

This browser supports for installing small applications from the Chrome, 360, and QQ browser application stores, greatly expanding the capability of self-developed browsers.

User data is locally encrypted and stored to protect user privacy.

Introduce the technology of searcing and killing cloud online, intercept phishing, gambling and other malicious websites.

The browser supports the capability of prerendering, which can effectively improve the spped of opening the link and optimize the experience of opening tag.

Provide a skin center to support dynamic replacement of fine skin.

Support mouse smooth scrolling, more smooth scrolling.

Built-in AD blocker, blocking page ads.

Support independent small window to play video, close to the experience of the professional video player.

Original label management optimization. When the number of tags is too large and the size of each tag is smaller, the "tag preview" function is provided.

QR code scanning tool, easy to send web pages to mobile phones.

The "copy and paste" url prompt is convenient in the address bar.

In the case of a recoverable web page crash, the browser can recognize and reload automatically without giving the user visual perception.

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